Take me to a ride

Please take me to a ride we’re I could see and feel how worthy I am. To feel the starving and let it make me think twice before I waste a piece of bread.

To a place we’re people talks and smiles, face to face, they have food without the virtual piece on there hand.

To a land we’re I could feel the sun and rain than sitting in chair in 24 degree in my room.

To a house we’re money has zero values, as they live happily ever.

To a nice river bank we’re I could feel the cooling and the smooth touch of fishes on my legs.

To a long walk through an empty road with my life were premium cars and people won’t get into.

To a place, alone in an island with my life, taking care of and surviving them, to disappear form the world and live there cam fully, the land which make you feel this is life .

Long time

I bought a thing , it was small tiny but he talking to me, I’m gonna take care of him over my life. A companion a true partner, he gives me fresh air, Like a good kiss. He was near me always, touching him and looking how handsome he is, giving the nutrients he needs, he was such an unforgettable character in my life.

I treat him like a child, he was so silent but always dancing like a doll.

But things changed years gone.

I know it will grow up soon, things won’t be same , I must leave him to the nature to learn everything and to face the real threads.

When the roots are strong he don’t wanna fear the winds. He is getting stronger but still be recognises me.

I was busy with my life, often I don’t cared about him, not even thinking for a single moment in my huge years. He was not like me, every moment he was thinking about me, expecting me one day to meet him, I was such a cruel person not even thinking about him.

This could be us, may be your favourite persons , you won’t get this back and take a few seconds before it’s too late.

Everybody deserves someone who knows how to make things up to after hurting you.

Not someone who is very good with just the word “sorry”.

Hence it is proved

The most disgusting words that I have ever felt, it being so many years still the words from the last mathematician, now I’m not hearing this words but people try to prove themselves to others, everything we do today is getting a show off. Proving to the rest that we are doing this and that, it’s like a Instagram story to make rest of our friends jealous about the things we does each day.

Prove yourself that you’re doing good with your life other than proving to the rest. I’m not perfect, but I’m working today do something that I never did before, that how everyone should. One day you need to break the egg and see the world. The world with shadows and fake smiles, you won’t survive them without knowing the world.

Don’t forget the scars which moulded you.

The million likes won’t be enough for you if you don’t love yourself.

Hey dream

I feel so bad if you’re not gonna with me one day, when everyone sleeps you get into my room, without making any noise, you smiled at me and we talked a a lot about my life. The journey through each and every part and you reminded about some sweet dreams that I wish I never forget. You directed me like a navigator in some part I was lost, but I know you will get me back on track. Whenever I close my eyes I could feel you with me.

We both ride through mountains and jumps to the water falls, there’s nothing impossible for us. We are being unbeatable, but at some point of our life we have to face the fact some dreams won’t come true, but some will definitely happen. The ones which we were supposed to do were actually not suppose to be done.

The branded devil

The voice message was so clear and it explained me the how much I’m not worthy. I was accepting the fact and it’s a truth. Taking a big lap to moving closer to the source voice. I could feel and smell a physical presence of someone, raised my hands to took who is it, but i couldn’t find anyone. May be I was hallucinating throughout the night. Fate doesn’t allow me to meet the person.

The voice and the person, I missed both. My life journey needs to continue and it won’t stop until I fall. My body is like a car and my mind is the driver who controls them running through and gets to a long distances make them weak.

Night is gonna over and I’m ready to face the light, the eternal light which hopefully guides me to the right path. The birds were visible now, Everyone is awake and active except the humans.

Sleep when you’re tired and make it the best way to dream about you’re future. And work for the dream at night, no one can be successful with sleeping for long hours, there’s only one life and one destiny.

Closed eye

The walk which needs to continued, taking a good break will make you feel relaxed but I choose to take it rather loosing time. Sun is packing his bag and ready to leave the shift. Darkness flooded like a closed eye, my speed limit was increasing and I’m in a hurry to escape from the darkness. As i was moving forward I felt like I’m being followed by someone.

Two eyes were looking at me but I couldn’t find any one near me. My heart was drumming faster, I was hearing a murmur which was not clear, but it’s closer to me. May be I could stop and hear the sound, I choose to stop the sound was getting closer and I heard the words which was TWlzc2VkIHlvdSA= , the familiar sound, I could recognise them , once it was my alarm.

The days and nights were rhythm played through my ears but it seems a long time hearing them. The voice was like a time machine were I was going to perfect part of my life. Suddenly the voice told me another message 66 101 32 119 105 116 104 32 109 101 32 the words that surprised me….

I need a ride

The day was quite awful for me , I’ve been planning so many things to do. But unfortunately I was walking through my life alone. Unexpected but race needs to finished by someone, looking back at my own footprints, no one follows just a big judgment.

Taking time for a deep breath, for a while I was thinking about the lost ones, the kickstarter for what’s needs to be done next, long and alone. I was moving towards a river, it has crystal clear water even I could see the stones and pebbles, I looked my self in the water, I was talking to myself.

It was not about words, it’s all about vibes, words can be changed anytime but vibes cannot be, a long year back a person asked me what’s your biggest wish I told him to buy a dog.

It contained my first possibility, to change from there, the darkest nights always produce the brightest stars.

The time we’re my parents had a paintbrush to draw me, later they gave it to me and told it’s your time to draw. There were corrections some pictures were best at some point I gave my brush to anonymity. The picture was good but the paper couldn’t resist them it was ripped. Sadly, it was thrown out. A chance to start again but today I’m drawing myself.


Make a wish. One last true wish.

A single wish that you have been waiting and dreaming for sometimes it will be money, family, friends, love. It changes in every stage of your life.

Maybe this wish could change the incidents that happened in your life.

If you could correct the problem of your life that will be the biggest discovery.

Sometimes I feel like going back into life not to change anything but to feel things twice.but some lessons are to be learned and it needs to be felt.

The fuel to your future, without it you will fail Again.

Welcome to the karma cafe.

There are no menus you will be served with what you deserve.

Down on earth

I was not okay something’s are getting changed my body reacts very badly, something suspicious. I don’t know what’s happening with me, May be something wrong or everything was perfect and it was all my assumptions. I could feel my breath is getting though, paining all over my body heads were rotating. What can it be as everyone does I googled all the symptoms but I have no idea what it was, waiting for the time, to reveal something.

It would be the best way to get rid of my pride and lower myself to the bottom. Yes sometimes you need incidents to make yourself down other than always stays up in the sky and laughs at people.

Hoping for the best…

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